My teaching

Université Versailles Saint-Quentin

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Universität Potsdam

Statistics for Stochastic Processes (2018-2019)

Bayesian Statistics and Data Assimilation (2018-2019)

Nonparametric statistics (2018-2019)

Lévy processes (Mini-course)

Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

Statistik stochastischer Prozesse (2017-2018)

An introduction to the Le Cam theory of asymptotic equivalences (Mini-course)

IUT GMP Grenoble

Exercitations (travaux dirigés) in M231a - Matrix calculus (2013-2014)

Exercitations (travaux dirigés) in M231b - Calculus (2013-2014)


Exercitations (travaux dirigés) in MAT239 - Algebraic Structures (2012-2013)

Oral tests (colles) in MAT242 - Function series and Fourier series (2012-2013)

Oral tests (colles) in MAT241 - Bilinear algebra and applications (2012-2013)