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Last updated on September 2023.


[1] C. Duval, T. Jalal, E. Mariucci Nonparametric density estimation for the small jumps of Lévy processes

Papers and accepted preprints

[12] C. Duval, E. Mariucci Non-asymptotic control of the cumulative distribution function of Lévy processes. Advances in Applied Probability 54 (3), 913-944, 2022.

[11] C. Duval, E. Mariucci Spectral-free estimation of Lévy densities in high-frequency regime. Bernoulli 27 (4), 2649-2674, 2021.

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[9] E. Mariucci, K. Ray, B. Szabó A Bayesian nonparametric approach to log-concave density estimation. Bernoulli 26(2), 2020, 1070–1097.

[8] S. Gugushvili, E. Mariucci, F. van der Meulen Decompounding discrete distributions: A non-parametric Bayesian approach. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics 2019

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[5] E. Mariucci Asymptotic equivalence for density estimation and Gaussian white noise: An extension. Annales de l'ISUP 60.1-2 (2016), 23-34.

[4] E. Mariucci Asymptotic equivalence for pure jump Lévy processes with unknown Lévy density and Gaussian white noise. Stoch. Proc. Appl. 126.2 (2016), 503-541.

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[1] P. étoré, E. Mariucci L1-distance for additive processes with time-homogeneous Lévy measures. Electron. Commun. Probab. 19 (2014), no. 57

Other unpublished material

[1] P. Étoré, S. Louhichi, E. Mariucci Asymptotic equivalence of jumps Lévy processes and their discrete counterpart (2013):